Tadashi Tsuchida, M.A.

Tadashi is a tenured mathematics professor at Skyline College in California and has worked there since 1999. He has a Masters in Mathematics, but has always had a passion for photography and is rarely seen without his camera.  

As  a young boy, Tadashi and his father took road trips on every holiday,  giving him an appreciation for travel.  He has traveled extensively with Katrina since 2004, mostly in Asia. What he has learned inspired him to  write a book and start the Education Initiative to gather support for students who don't have all the tools/support/funding they need to  complete their education. He hopes what you learn will encourage you to  support education too.

Katrina Keating, M.A., Ed.D.

Katrina is a tenured mathematics professor at Diablo Valley College in California, where she started in 2006. She holds a Masters in Mathematics and a Doctorate in Education. As an undergraduate, she took anthropology classes at Laney College and  University of California, Berkeley,. They opened her eyes and instilled a  passion for cultures and a need  for travel. Traveling the world,  mostly in Southeast Asia, has taught her a respect for how precarious and precious life and education are, and she is determined to help raise  awareness to the plight of students who struggle every day to obtain the most basic education.

Katrina and Tadashi live with their two Main Coon cats in Oakland, California

katch keating, M.S.

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