Board of Directors

Connie Green

Connie started working in non-profits as a young woman working at United Tribes in North Dakota.  Like many, she quickly understood the impact of lack of resources on people and their community.  She left there began developing low and moderate income housing, first with a non-profit developer and then the Minneapolis Community Redevelopment Agency.

Her love of travel started with her first trip to Thailand where she spent time in the relocation camps.  Since then she touched down throughout the world, from Kenya to Pokhara to London.  

She currently serves as Treasurer and  Philanthropy Director of Scholarship.

In 2018 February Connie and  katch traveled to Pokhara (using their own funds) to represent No Lunch  at Shree Sheetala Secondary School Diamond Jubilee celebration and deliver our support for the year.  While there she met with Aasha and Nisha Sunar and eventually awarded them the 2018 Scholarship.

Phyllis Taylor-Gulbranson, M.A.

Phyllis has been working in education in various capacities for the past few decades.  She is currently serving as the Regional Coordinator for Northern California for the Umoja Community, Statewide African American Learning Consortium. She recently retired from 25 years as Communications Studies Professor at Skyline College in San Bruno California.

katch keating, M.S.

katch is a co-founder of No Lunch Education Initiative. She is an artist, technical writer, and a retired programmer.

She has worked with and at various non-profits throughout the decades.  It was working at Harriet Tubman's Battered Women Shelter which drilled into her the need for women to be educated.  Over the years, she worked as a fundraiser for a non-profit housing (Project for Pride in Living), individual artists, and small non-profits. Every election she volunteers with her County's Registrar of Voters to help ensure the election is run smoothly and fairly. 

She has a Bachelors in Art and Computer Science and a Masters in Computer Science.

Phoenix Ray, M.S.W.

Phoenix MC Ray, LCSW-C, is a behavioral health social worker in practice for over 30 years. She is licensed to practice in Maryland. She serves as No Lunch's Secretary.